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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a category below to learn more about the Ram Jack Dealers Association National Warranty Trust, your eligibility & answers to claims questions. Still have a questions? Contact Us.

  • What is the Purpose of the Ram Jack® National Limited Warranty Trust?
    The Ram Jack National Limited Warranty Trust (the “Trust” or “Warranty Trust”) serves as the backup to your Dealer’s Limited Warranty. If any Ram Jack dealer is no longer active in your area, the Trust serves to provide a separate limited warranty, which is provided to you upon approval of your registration. If you look at your Ram Jack Dealer’s Limited Warranty, the Installing Dealer is offering the Warranty, not any other Ram Jack-related legal entity or other Ram Jack Dealer. If your original installing Dealer is not working in your area or has not arranged a transfer of your limited warranty to another Ram Jack Dealer, then your Installing Dealer’s Limited Warranty is no longer effective. At that point, the Trust is effective if you have properly registered and the Trust Administrator has approved the registration of your Installing Dealer’s Limited Warranty with the Trust.
  • Is the Limited Warranty coverage like my original Warranty?
    Yes, our Representative will inspect, and using his sole professional discretion, will recommend adjustment or replacement if a Ram Jack® driven or helical pile shows evidence that it has moved downward, or a helical anchor has moved laterally. If you qualify for Trust coverage, you must first pay a $1,000 deductible for the inspection. The Trust Warranty neither covers direct, consequential, and other damages, nor natural or man-made catastrophes. Please see the terms of the Limited Warranty.
  • What will occur during an Inspection?
    The Trust Representative will observe the property for evidence of pile/anchor movement by taking elevations, uncovering piles/anchors by digging into the soil and other methods as he/she determines. Such observations and methods may result in no evidence of movement or replacing and/or driving piles/anchors deeper to offer assurance that they do not move downward or laterally. Ram Jack piles are commercial quality and designed not to move downwards or sideways when properly installed. It is rare for a bracket or pile to fail and evidence of such failure typically occurs at installation or soon afterward. The warranty inspection may also result in the discovery that an area outside of the work has moved, and you may require other remedies not covered under the warranty such as additional piles, drainage work such as gutters, grading of the soil, or repair of plumbing leaks, etc.
  • Will the Limited Warranty Change?
    Since the Trust was founded, the basics of the limited warranty have not changed, and we do not anticipate a change in basic coverage. The Trust warrants that a Ram Jack® brand driven or helical steel pile will not move downwards, and that a Ram Jack® brand helical anchor will not move laterally. Each Ram Jack driven or helical pile supports a limited area directly above it and a Ram Jack tieback anchor will laterally support a limited area of a wall. Ram Jack piles are designed not to fail and will not move downwards, or laterally for a tieback anchor, unless not installed to capacity, or a catastrophe of nature or man has occurred, which the Warranty does not cover. The Trust may add provisions to the Warranty to clarify its provisions. For example, if we suspect you have a plumbing leak, we will ask you to contract with a plumber before we work at your property or conduct additional testing.
  • How Do I Quality for Coverage under the Trust?
    You qualify for coverage if both of the following conditions apply: 1. Your Installing Ram Jack Dealer gave you a limited warranty and that warranty was still valid at the time the Dealer ceased working in your area (If you do not own such a Limited Warranty or you do not qualify for coverage, the Trust Warranty is void); and 2. Register and download all requested documents online. If you have questions or need assistance please call the Trust Office at 580-436-9020 and ask the Warranty Trust Administrator for direction.
  • Which Ram Jack Products/Services are Covered?
    The Trust Warranty only covers Ram Jack® brand steel piles and brackets that in our discretion, after inspection, require adjustment or replacement. The Trust Warranty is that any Ram Jack driven or helical pile, which a Ram Jack Dealer installs at your property, will not move downward, or if a Ram Jack tieback pile, will not move laterally, for the duration of the Installing Dealer’s Limited Warranty. However, Pre-Construction Piles, and Piles with Brackets that are encased or covered by concrete, are excluded from coverage under the Trust Warranty.
  • How Do I Make a Claim and What Occurs Afterwards?
    Call the Trust Administrator at 580-436-9020 and describe what you see occurring at the property. Pictures may help speed the interview process. The Administrator will contact the current Dealer working in your area, and if none, will review your registration and filed documents. Once the Administrator and Trustees have reviewed all documentation, the Administrator will contact you and discuss coverage. If you qualify under the Trust, the Administrator will arrange a Representative to inspect your property at an agreed date after you pay the current deductible amount.
  • May I transfer the Trust Warranty to a New Owner of the Property?
    Yes, by following both conditions below: 1. You must file paperwork, pay any fees, and make a valid transfer of the Installing Dealer’s Limited Warranty to the new owner of the property; 2. the Installing Dealer must accept the transfer between you and your transferee; and 3. The new owner of the property must pay the existing warranty transfer fee to the Trust and send or download a signed copy of the Warranty Transfer Application, available through the Trust Administrator, within ninety (90) days of the Installing Dealer accepting the transfer of the local Warranty, and then download all required paperwork that the Trust requests. Thank you for your interest in the Warranty Trust. If you have additional questions, please contact our Trust Administrator at 580-436-9020.
  • What is the Ram Jack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust?
    The installing participating Ram Jack Dealer backs every qualifying installation with a Transferable Limited Warranty. The National Limited Warranty Trust is a separate warranty to assure our customers of warranty coverage in the event that the installing Ram Jack dealer in not available to fulfill their obligation should the need for future adjustments or warranty claims occur.
  • Why do this; are you afraid you are going to go out of business?
    No. Ram Jack has been in business for over 40 years and we have never been more financially secure than we are now. This Ram Jack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust was developed to offer additional guaranteed security and protection for our customers.
  • How long has this National Limited Warranty Trust been in place?
    Ram Jack developed this cutting edge program in March of 2009 in order to offer a superior level of guaranteed protection for all Ram Jack customers nationwide.
  • How important is a National Limited Warranty Trust?
    A warranty from a company who is out of business is worthless. Many variables arise that cause businesses to close. Retirement, unexpected death, the sale of the business, etc. This National Limited Warranty Trust allows money to be set aside for the exclusive purpose of warranty repair and service. It guarantees you will always have access to warranty service should the need arise.
  • Don’t other companies have warranties like this?
    Great question, make sure you ask it. It’s very easy to offer a warranty but it is very rare for companies to back up warranties with guaranteed, secured funds. Protect yourself and make sure you are dealing with a RELIABLE company that really guarantees their work.
  • Who is eligible for the National Limited Warranty Trust?
    All customers who have received a Ram Jack Foundation Repair installation from a participating Ram Jack dealer are eligible. All jobs must be fully completed and paid in full before enrollment in the National Limited Warranty Trust.
  • What is required to receive coverage in the National Limited Warranty Trust?
    Once a job is completed by a certified participating Ram Jack dealer you will receive information on how to enroll.
  • How do I initiate a claim?
    You pay the Trust Registration Fee and download all requested documents online or make other arrangements to do the same by calling the Trust Office at 580-436-9020 and asking for the Warranty Trust Administrator for direction.
  • Do I use the National Limited Warranty Trust if my servicing Ram Jack dealer is still in business?
    No. All warranty issues need to be referred to the Ram Jack dealer that completed the initial work. If that dealer is no longer available to fulfill that obligation you would then contact the Ram Jack Dealers Association National Limited Warranty Trust.
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